TroutBeads - Peach Fuzz


TroutBeads - Peach Fuzz


TroutBeads are designed to mimic the fish eggs that the fish you are targeting are already seeing and eating. Matching exactly what fish are looking for, will magnify your fishing experience during spawns and when fish are seeking only eggs.

Matching TroutBeads to the egg drifting in rivers is the most effective egg fishing technique ever developed. It’s been a tightly guarded secret in many areas. But, all good things eventually come to light.

For detailed instruction and photos on how to use trout beads, click here.


TroutBeads also have the same neutral buoyancy as natural fish eggs, which is another reason (besides color) that make this technique so effective. From the East coast to the West coast… Salmon, Trout and Steelhead guides have counted on TroutBeads egg matching colors to maximize catch rates when fish are chasing eggs.

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Trout Bead Size

6mm, 8mm


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