Tanner's Flies with Character


Tanner's Flies with Character


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Tanner’s Flies with Character – Smallmouth Series I

“Terry Tanner is truly a one-of-a-kind  unique fly designer. His flies are both functional and beautiful. I recommend this one-on-one with Terry DVD to any fly tyer. Meet this special gentleman and learn how to tie his designs.” – Dave Whitlock

“I have known Terry for a number of years. He is one of those individuals who has excelled as a fly tyer. Not only are his tying skills evident, but also he has an innovative way of thinking, toward both practical fishing flies, and those that can be admired on your wall. The patterns Terry offers you here are for sure ones that will catch you many fish. I am particularly taken with his crawdad. Many species of fish found in freshwater systems find this food source at the top of the food chain, be they trout, bass, carp or catfish. In rivers that they live, stoneflies are also a very important food source for trout, bass and many other fish species. I highly recommend this DVD. You will learn not only how to tie Terry’s flies, but you will also add further to your own fly tying skills, while becoming more innovative, and having more deadly fly patterns to fish with.” – Davy Wotton, American International Schools of Fly Fishing

“Terry Tanner’s flies are true works of art and any fly fisherman would be proid to own them.” – Lefty Kreh

Runtime: Approximately 60 minutes


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