Little Cleo - 1/8oz.…


Little Cleo - 1/8oz. (Assorted Colors)


For over 30 years Little Cleos have been taking limit catches of gamefish throughout North America. The unique hump-backed shape of Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is drawn through the water. The illusion created is one of a fat baitfish, acting in an erratic, confused manner. This odd behavior triggers the predatory nature of the gamefish, who strike out of curiosity and anger, as well as hunger. This 3-way appeal hooks them every time, and explains Little Cleo’s fantastic success. It’s famous countrywide as the one lure that takes all gamefish.

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Little Cleo Colors

Chartreuse Green, Chartreuse Nickel, Copper, Gold, Gold Orange, Metallic Perch, Nickel, Nickel Blue, Nickel Green, Orange Nickel, Pearl, Red Head, Rainbow Trout


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