Lilley's Sculpin/Ginger, Brown Head…


Lilley's Sculpin/Ginger, Brown Head Marabou Jig


Phil Lilley, owner of Lilleys’ Landing, has been fishing marabou jigs for trout on Lake Taneycomo since 1984.  He has hooked hundreds of trout anglers on using jigs, proving to many that they flat catch fish, bigger fish.  Duane Doty designed each marabou jig head with 2 important and unique things – an uneven, slanted head for a wild sinking action and a beveled collar and tying groove next to the head for ingenious tying ease.

They’re also great for catching pan fish, bass, crappie, walleye and trout.

Recommended line:  2-4 lb mono, fluorocarbon or hybrid.

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Sculpin and ginger marabou jig with a brown head.


Sculpin and ginger, strung marabou, powder coated and baked jig heads.


1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 oz


Lilley’s Marabou Jigs are guaranteed not to fall apart.  If one or more of our jigs comes apart (feathers all come out, thread come undone), bring them in or mail them back to us and we’ll replace them, no questions asked.

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1/125, 1/50, 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8

1 review for Lilley’s Sculpin/Ginger, Brown Head Marabou Jig

  1. Shane Hilden

    I’m in the military and moved to Fort Leavenworth KS in 2011. I had heard about some of the trout streams in Missouri and being from Washington State, had been moving my drift boat around the country with me (including Florida…. which was comical… imagine fishing for bass in the Everglades in a drift boat… It was quite a conversation starter!). Anyway, I was told about using these jigs with the fly rod and figured I had to give it a try. Being from Washington State, we fish a lot of jigs and bobbers for salmon and steelhead. I also had fished with similar jigs as a kid. My buddies grandfather used to tie them up and the worked amazingly well. Since being in Kansas, I’ve fished Lilley’s jigs… all sorts of colors. I have also tied up my own when I have time. It may not be a common fly fishing lure, but it works amazingly well. It gets deep quick and when stripped, makes for some exciting hits (some very visible like when fishing the tailouts).

    I would highly recommend these jigs. Whether you use spin gear to fish under a bobber or various retrieve techniques or fish it on a fly rig, you will catch fish!

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