July 1, 2023 Fishing Report

Generation patterns on Lake Taneycomo this summer have been consistent.  Operators at the dam ran water every afternoon for the month of June.  The only variant was on hot days they started it about 2 p.m. and ended after dark, and on cooler days they started it about 4 p.m. but still shut it off by dark.  Water temperature has not changed either. It’s held at 48 degrees with the oxygen level steady at about seven parts per million, which is good.

With this generation pattern, everybody is happy!  Those who like the water off have all morning to fish, and those who like it running have the afternoon and evening to enjoy.  And most anglers are catching fish.

Lane Burson
Denise Fortin
Jamie Shevlin

For those fishing below Fall Creek, night crawlers are still the best bait to use.  Blow some air in them to make them float off the bottom using a syringe, Four-pound line is still okay to use.  Drifting them on the bottom in the afternoons is good, too.  Another live bait to try is a minnow drifted on the bottom.

The pink powerworm on a jig head under a float is also the go-to for most guides in the mornings.  They like to stay in the shade as long as possible, fishing the worm anywhere from four- to seven-feet deep.

We’ve enjoyed a breeze most days starting mid morning.  Find that chop on the surface and fish a jig under a float.  The best jig has been a black micro jig.  Tie on a little two-pound tippet for best results.

Charles Hefner
Andy Ciolino
Koby coss

In the trophy area, the zebra midge caught this beautiful rainbow.  They were fishing with guide Phil Stone and using 6x tippet and a #14 black zebra midge.  The zebra midge is a good all-time fly because it imitates a larva our trout eat every day of the year.

Small jigs under a float are working, too.  Micros in black, olive, brown and tan using 6x and 7x tippet.  Mega worms are working too in white, chartreuse and peach.

Jerk baits are catching some big trout near and after dark from the dam down to the Branson Landing.  Use Doty’s Signature Series baits — as well as other suspending jerk baits along with jigs –while the water is running and after it’s dropped out; it doesn’t matter.  One angler said they stayed out most of the night and were glad they stuck with it.  Fishing was slow until the moon dipped below the horizon about midnight and that’s when the fishing really got hot.

Ryan Huckabee
Alex Arensdorf
Tim Stidham

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