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Branson Firemen's Benefit
Tournament Rules:

    • Live bait is allowed except above Fall Creek. MDC Rules pertaining to the trophy area also pertain to this tournament.
    • No more than eight trout will be weighed in per team.
    • In the case of a tie, the largest fish of the tying stringer determines the winner. All controversies will be settled by the Tournament Judge, Ryan Titus.
    • All Missouri Fish & Game Laws will be enforced. Brown trout are required to be 20 inches or longer. To measure a trout legally- shut the mouth and pinch the tail.
    • Contestants must fish from their boats. Contestants can leave their boats to use a bathroom or rest & warm up at a marina. Absolutely no wading.
    • No more than one team (two people) is allowed per boat.
    • Each team will be required to DECLARE where they will fish, above Fall Creek or below Fall Creek. Those declaring above in the trophy area, they will not be allowed to weigh in any rainbows “in the slot” – between 12 and 20 inches. Those declaring below Fall Creek are not to go above Fall Creek at anytime during the tournament.
    • Winners may be subject to a polygraph after the contest.
    • Safety and tournament rules briefing will be held on Saturday, 7:45 a.m. on the dock at Lilleys’. The Missouri Water Patrol may supervise the start. Life jackets must be worn at the start of the contest. Live wells will be checked at each send off.
      • Teams will leave in flights if necessary. Each flight will have the same amount of fish-time. Late arrivals will be penalized one ounce per minute at weigh in – no excuses. Trout must be weighed in before trailering boats.
    • No chumming of any type will be tolerated. This means before, during or after the tournament.