Missouri Boating Safety Course

If you were born after January 1, 1984, you must have a Missouri boater certification card to operate a motorized boat on the state’s lakes. You’ll need to enroll in a boater safety course AND pass an exam for certification. You can complete the state’s boating education requirement online at the link below. It takes about three hours and can be completed intermittently across several days. You can then print a temporary card good for 60 days before you receive your permanent card.

Note: We can sell you a seven-day, temporary boating license but keep in mind you can only purchase this license ONCE. You will need to get your boating license before you return to a marina in Missouri to rent a boat.

Temporary License

If you’re in a time crunch, or you’re not planning to drive a boat in Missouri ever again, the state also offers a temporary 7-day license for $9.00. You can only obtain this license only ONE TIME in your life. 

Note: this license expires 7 days from the date it is completed. Do not attempt to obtain this license in advance.

In addition to your Missouri boater certification, we have a quick docking demonstration for you. Docking a rental boat in moving water can be intimidating, or it can be a breeze with just a little instruction! Please watch this 47 second video before hitting the water.

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